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Body Massage

In a Geylang body massage centre, pressure is applied and worked on the body’s muscles on the skin’s surface. It could be performed manually or with the use of machinery. Generally speaking, body massages involve applying pressure, motion, or vibration in an organized and methodical manner, either with or without the use of heat. Pressure is applied to the body using a variety of parts, including the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, and feet.
Massage chairs, heat-emitting devices, bamboo or rosewood rollers, and vibration machines are some of the machines used to deliver massage to different regions of the body. The patient lies down on a specially designed massage table for a professional massage.

Types of Body Massages

At the Geylang body massage centre, professionals, healthcare workers, and laypeople all use various types of massages.

Active Release Technique

Finger pressure is used to manipulate deep tissues. Active release massage is performed according to a pattern that the patient has been prescribed. ART is used to treat a variety of ailments, including overuse injuries to the muscles. Muscles that are torn, pulled, or otherwise injured create a hard, dense scar tissue where they are injured. The other muscles become shorter and weaker as a result of the tissue restricting their range of motion.


The Chinese-originated acupressure massage technique allows the masseuse to pinpoint particular pressure spots associated with the patient’s discomfort and exhaustion. The acupressure points are physically compressed using the hands, elbows, palms, wrists, knees, or machinery. It is thought that using acupressure in body massage can help to rebalance the body’s energy.

Lymphatic Drainage

This is a kind of light massage that helps the lymph to naturally produce and discharge. In order to stimulate and accelerate the lymph flow in the desired direction, a precise amount of pressure is applied in circular, rhythmic motions.


A unique form of massage called reflexology is applied in alternative medicine. The method involves applying pressure to the patient’s hands and feet using particular movements as well as applying pressure with the therapist’s thumb and fingers. This method does not require the use of oil or creams. It is predicated on the notion that particular parts of the hand and foot correspond to particular body organs. The application of pressure in certain regions promotes the organs’ efficient operation.


Shiatsu massage consists of stretching, applying pressure with the fingers and palm, and other basic massage methods.

Stone Massage

Utilizing hot or cold stones to exert pressure and generate heat on the body. The stones are often smooth, polished basalt or lava rocks that can be heated with water or oil.

Swedish Massage

Five different stroke types are used in this technique: fiction, kneading, rhythmic tapping, sliding, and vibration or shaking. It relieves pain and stiffness in the joints.

Thai Massage

It is a full body, deep massage that starts at the feet and moves up to the upper body, focusing on the body’s energy channels. It enhances blood flow throughout the body, increases joint flexibility and movement, and effectively manages musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.

Procedure of Body Massage

The most popular kind of massage is performed by professionals and combines acupressure, reflexology, and shiatsu. They put the patient in a cozy space, ideally one that is private. Allow the space to be cozy and well-lit with scented candles. Mind-calming music can aid in relaxation. Apply a cream, lotion, or massage oil. Heat the oil to a slightly warm temperature if using it. Make extensive use of towels. The client should ideally be wearing as little clothing as possible to expose as much flesh as possible and to enable unrestricted hand movement during massage techniques.
Commence with the feet. Hold one foot with both hands and rub the soles with your thumb. Apply firm pressure on the foot’s ball, arch, and heel. To release any tightness, gently tug on each toe one at a time. Long, calming strokes should be applied to the calf and lower leg muscles. gradually ascend to the upper thigh. Some people work out their thigh and calf muscles by kneading the muscles to release any knots. After massaging one leg, go to the other.
When massaging the back, work your way up to the upper back. Put the palms of your hands on the backs of your shoulders. Ascend toward the shoulder by applying pressure to the lower back. Holding the shoulders in place while applying slight pressure, begin again from the lower back once the hands reach the shoulder. Close the backbone by using both thumbs on both sides, then rub up to the nape of the neck. To rub your way upward, apply pressure with your thumb and fingers to the muscles on either side of the spine.
To remove the client’s full hand from the massage table or bed, hold their hand with one hand. Using the other hand, apply a firm massage along the back of the forearm, extending towards the triceps, crossing the shoulder, and finishing at the upper arm’s wrist. Knead the upper and lower arms with your fingers and thumbs. To relax any tightness, gently pull each finger and use your thumbs to massage the palm in circular circles. Using your fingers and thumbs, begin massaging the scalp before moving on to the earlobes and folds. Using your fingertips, swipe from the ear to the cheekbones and back again.
With their hands raised, rub the base of the skull along the back of the head. At the Geylang body massage centre, gently touch their thumbs in the middle of their forehead, in between their eyebrows, and glide in circular motions towards the temples on either side.

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