Ensure proper fire safety measures are in place for your rooftop patio.

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Fire safety may be a minor consideration when designing a terrace. However, it is essential to recognize that fires can cause significant damage to both the terrace and other structures, particularly when the terrace is situated on the roof by Brickwork NYC. Fortunately, cement terrace flooring has superior fire resistance, ensuring the safety of you, your loved ones, and your property.

Ensure proper fire protection for your rooftop terrace.

The fire safety regulations vary based on the governing body responsible for buildings in your nation. Obtaining information regarding the rules before commencing any construction endeavor is advisable. Private terraces typically do not have strict fire standards, but it is essential to consider the potential risk of fire damaging your investment. When designing a roof terrace, it is necessary to prioritize preventive fire prevention, as the terrace’s flooring may be considered part of the building’s roof. If that is the situation, you are required to adhere to the requirements for complex roofing. Primarily, this implies that it must be able to endure airborne sparks and radiant heat. By the structural design, roof terraces must also be equipped with an additional means of escape in the event of a fire.

Remember fire protection for your (roof) terrace.

You might not expect a fire on a terrace, yet it happens more often than you think. Fires are caused by various factors, including how the terrace is used. Candles, radiating heaters, and smoking cigarettes are all as hazardous as electrical systems. However, the most common causes of patio fires are barbecues or fire baskets. When barbecuing or burning logs in a brazier on your balcony or patio, flying sparks or falling ashes can easily ignite a dangerous source of fire, mainly if the floor is built of wood or other non-fire-resistant materials. As a result, we advocate the adoption of non-flammable terrace flooring.

The non-flammable option

The terrace is built of fiber cement by Brick Pointing NYC and meets USA fire safety standards. It organizes material reactions to fire into three categories: combustion, smoke, and burning droplets. It makes a negligible contribution to fire. When a candle, sparks, blazing ashes, or burning charcoal fall on your terrace, the fiber cement will not contribute to the fire. This test evaluates the amount of smoke, not fire, produced during the first 10 minutes of fire exposure. Terrace performed best, implying that the fiber-cement boards emit less smoke. Last but not least, the ‘d’ score represents the creation of burning droplets or particles within the first 10 minutes of fire exposure.

Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. maintains the highest standards.

The test results demonstrate that Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. Terrace flooring meets stringent fire safety standards. The fiber-cement boards are non-combustible, emitting little smoke and producing no burning droplets. That provides optimal protection for architects and building occupants alike.


Roof terraces significantly improve living conditions. The quantity of vacant building plots steadily diminishes, particularly in cities and urban areas with little usable outdoor space, while their costs rise. Roof terraces are thus an excellent way to create more open space, often with stunning views. However, because a roof terrace must perform all of the tasks of a roof, stringent regulations for weatherproofing the interior and building structure, as well as fire and sound insulation, apply by Concrete Contractors NY NY. That must be considered while designing roof terraces for new buildings and renovating existing structures.

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